About Us
CLT CONTRACT SDN BHD were established in October 2008 with its registered office at NO.2A, JALAN PDR 2, KAWASAN PERNIAGAAN DESA RIA, BALAKONG, 43300 SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN with working capital of RM 1,000,000.00. CLT CONTRACT SDN BHD has taken over CLT BUMI SDN BHD & SS TAN Interior Renovation management as a result of corporate exercise. Hence, even the company is ‘new’ in the industry: the management team has 23 years of experience in the interiors, architectural and building construction industry.


“Being a team of customer oriented that provide professional services to ensures best quality and value in timely manner while maintaining a safe and healthy environment”

CLT CONTRACT SDN BHD committed to develop value that helps us to be an organization with superior synergy, sophistication and management system.
CLT CONTRACT SDN BHD not just doers, but thinkers

• To work as a team with common goal, communicating effectively in all aspects.
• A strong and intelligent work ethic, creative and ability to create solutions.
• Continuously learning process –a culture that helps team members achieve the highest potential.
• Being the cutting edge in building technology.
• Be the customer’s oriented company, absolute commitment
• Integrity and accountability in all our actions.
• Be a competitive company, committed in project ventured and to exceed customer expectations.
• Profit from our work. Earning honest.
At CLT CONTRACT SDN BHD, we believe in:

Those we work for and those we employ

To excellence, integrity and service

To all of our clients

Of our team from start to finish
Team Work

For long term relationships
CLT  CONTRACT  SDN  BHD  success  is  measured  by  how  well  we  serve  our customers. We  believe  in  the  pro-active  teamwork  and  committed  to  honesty  and integrity in our relationship with customers, subcontractors and our own team.

CLT CONTRACT SDN BHD delivers results by combining technical expertise as a general contractor with the best management skills and tolls. Each professional on CLT CONTRACT SDN BHD team brings years of experience, predictability, accountability and control to the construction process. 

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